The Detox I Need

The 30th of June I’ve started an unhealthy, fun, interesting and enriching period of my summer. With my close friends from university we’ve spent time admiring Wadi Rum’s amazing sunset, walking through Petra, Partying in Skybar, eating in Jounieh, strolling in Baalbeck, negotiating in Istanbul’s Grand Bazar and ¬†going through a week of celebration for my friend’s wedding. All this means, a lot of fun, but also a lot of working at impossible hours and calls for an emergency detox to clear my body.

So, for all those of you that need a quick and easy way to get back to your normal lifestyle I would like to share the Detox I decided to go through for the 4 to 5 days to come.

First of all, make sure you are physically able to go through this detox period. Then, start by consuming a lot of water and only raw or boiled fruits and vegetables. (For those that can, it is recommended to drink the water you used to boil your vegetables, it contains vitamin and will help with your detox). No alcohol, coffee or tea should be drank during this period. The only liquids allowed are water, fresh juices and the broth.

Then, remember to sweat! Ideally with sports but for the lazy ones under the sun. I went back to my swimming and aquabike classes. (The good thing about being in the swimming pool is that you don’t feel the sweat, the bad thing is when you think of it, it’s a bit disgusting ;))

Last but not least, sleep well and get as much sleep as you need (don’t overdo it though). By getting your proper 8 hours of sleep you will feel your skin regained its freshness, and instantly less bloated.

To keep in mind:

It is good to mix lemon with your morning water; it wakes up your system.

If you feel weak, you can have a big spoon of honey, wheat bran mixed with low-fat yoghurt or a piece of steamed white fish.

Add vinegar to your salad (It helps clean your system) and avoid oil and salt.

I am on my second day of the detox and so far I’m doing fine. I hope in 3 days I will congratulate myself. Meanwhile I wish you a very fun summer and hope you met great people and are accumulating unforgettable memories.

Clean Soraya

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