My Childhood Chocolate Cake

I logged in to facebook this afternoon after a small absence and all that came on my Newsfeed was people’s status saying: “Missing Madrid”, “Missing Dubai”, “Can’t stop thinking of my dog”… Everybody was missing something, someone or somewhere… I am definitely not in this state of mind right now but still thought I would share a little something I too miss sometimes… My childhood chocolate cake! The thing is I don’t necessarily miss it in particular as much as the souvenir of it, the way it tasted and the way my mother and I would spent too much time in the kitchen eating, cooking and talking.



For the recipe: please just check this post: Sweet Inspiring Week-end.

For the topping:

I used here chocolate + cooking cream.

Melt the chocolate in a water bath, then add the cooking cream. Wait until for a while and then delicately pour in on the cake.

You can add on top any chocolate you have home: Here I used mini smarties and kit kat (on the side) to decorate it. I also added some walnuts inĀ  the recipe.

I baked this cake 3 hours ago and it’s almost gone so remember to count your friends in when baking this cake.

Innocently yours,




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