Morning Platters

For the past two months I got used to sharing my morning platters on Lebelik’s Instagram… This morning I realised that all my readers, and especially my father (who doesn’t have Instagram) are missing a little part of my morning little pleasures…

So here are 5 of my favourite platters:

Morning - Brunch PlatterMorning – Brunch Platter

Morning - Brunch Platter with CarrotsMorning – Brunch Platter with Carrots

Morning - Brunch Platter with Cucumbers Morning – Brunch Platter with Cucumbers

Morning - Brunch Platter with AnanasMorning – Brunch Platter with Almonds (We almost always have almonds)

Morning - Brunch Platter Lebanese StyleMorning – Brunch Platter The very Lebanese way =)

Kisses to all,

From my yummy kitchen,


2 thoughts on “Morning Platters

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