Kinder and Marathon

To all those that run full, half or any marathon and triathlons, I write this post for you even though I’m not a big runner myself. I however follow marathons, sponsors and timings thanks to my two crazy friends that travel the world to run! Weird? Maybe for some! But motivating and gratifying for others.

Actually, I’ve done some research and ask a dietitian how one should eat before a marathon… I’ve always seen my dear friend live on a special diet based solely on fish, asparagus, pineapples, kinder surprise and white wine; and after each marathon she would say: “The day before my next marathon I will eat properly!” But I always wondered what does properly mean? Yesterday we had lunch together in a charming place on Fulham road in London, and again she had fish and white wine for lunch, I’m sure she sneaked in somewhere to get a box of Kinder Surprise. Knowing that the next day (Monday 30th of May) she would be running the Bupa London Marathon, What should she have chosen?

Many researches and dietitians encourage runners to eat in the two to three days leading to the race a relatively big intake of carbs (60% of the runner’s total daily consumption), and to drink a lot of water and sports drinks. As for the breakfast on race morning, it should be food your stomach is accustomed to eating before trainings and physical efforts. Still, keep in mind carbohydrate, proteins and a little fat is a good combination on that morning.

So to you my dear friend, I can’t wait to see you again and hope you will be glad of your results.



One thought on “Kinder and Marathon

  1. I can’t wait to see you too Soraya! This weekend I will be taking you at another charming place for more fish aspargus and of course wine! But I will also take you for a nice morning run in Hyde Park … it will be sunny this weekend :)

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