Cooking for Friends

Dear Ayla,

I am posting these pics for you just because I promised I would! The thing is, I had in mind to take pics of all the plates I had prepared but the truth is, I forgot. When the pasta was ready and still in the kitchen I took one picture of it, and promised myself I would do the same with the other plates, but as I was preparing the rest it slipped out of mind… So you will see here some iPhone pics with a-less-than-averge lighting.

I am sorry for the quality of these pics.

pasta from eataly cooked the way the chef recommendedRavioli, tomatoes and dried basil

letuce and nuts saladLettuce salad

parma ham and melonParma ham and melon

Red Berries Tart for friendsRed Berries Tart (the recipe was already posted a while ago, it’s one of my father’s favourite deserts)

madelaines et petites bouchees au chocolatMadelaines and little chocolate cake bites (These are also some of our kitchen’s classics)

Ici cream cake designed at homeRose Loukoum and Pistachio ice-cream (I bought the ice-cream and presented it like this) I remembered to take the pic too late =(

I wish I had pics of the full menu… But don’t worry I’ll see you in the gym this afternoon and will be able to tell  you all about my diner.



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