Step By Step My Appel Crumble, Specially Prepared for Family and Friends

Today I feel a bit Venezuelan after yesterday’s election, a bit Spanish after yesterday’s soccer game, fully Lebanese after this past week-end during which I swam, ate a yummy Lebanese mezza,  tasty local fish, drank a thousand white coffees, went to Vinifest and just this morning visited an old Lebanese house (I can’t wait to see it transformed into an adorable restaurant)…

Anyway, during this past week I didn’t get the chance to post pictures of the crumble I prepared for my mom… so here they are…

I used this exact recipe: but with more apples (+300g so that makes a total of 800g) and much love…

Apples cut in pieces with sugar and cinnamonApples need time to be cookedWhile adding the creamThe pastry that will be sprinkled on top of the apples and will become the crumble…After the apples have been put in the dish and while sprinkling the crumblesReady to go in the ovenThe individual portion I cooked on the side… For my brother

I encourage you all to try it…


4 thoughts on “Step By Step My Appel Crumble, Specially Prepared for Family and Friends

    1. Dear Rania,

      The recipe is here:

      You have to take pieces of the pastry and with your hand sprinkle some pieces… I like to use the butter at room temperature, then keep the pastry in the fridge for a while and then with my hands throwing small pieces on top of the apples.

      another options would be using the a cold butter and then automatically you will have a pastry with a crumbled texture….

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