Yasmina Farah Massoud- Spring Summer 2012 – Open Boutique

Yesterday after I passed by Yasmina Farah Massoud’s Boutique: February, my mom asked me how was it and how is Yasmina doing…

So for you all, and to you mom,

Yasmina is very pregnant, looking great and still managing to run, with style, everything at once…

February is always as feminine, slightly less rock, a bit more romantic and definitely very fresh…

So now you see why not only “The Closet Clause” has a crush on Yasmina (read article here) but many more TV chains, Magazines, Women and who knows maybe secretly many men wish they met her before the lucky M.Massoud =)

Wishing her, her coming baby, and all those she loves a colorful summer season to come,


4 thoughts on “Yasmina Farah Massoud- Spring Summer 2012 – Open Boutique

  1. hi yassmin wish u all happiness in yr life and with yr comming baby isa , i wanna see your summer new collection and your address if u pls . thnxxx

    1. Firstly, Soraya! Thank you so much for your genuine and kind words! I love how you always manage to say it all in a few spot on words! Our collection is slightly less rock indeed as we wanted to make room for more freshness in this multicolored trendy season! Thank you for making it to the opening and I love ur pics! :)

      Ola! Thank you so much for your kind wishes! God Bless! The address is Beirut, Ashrafieh, Trabaud Street, right before La Posta restaurant! +9611200101. I would be happy to show you the collection! Take care!


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