Who’s Behind this Beard (or None) – how to tell a man by his facial hair?

I’ve had a fun and long week-end… I am still sick and thus had to stay home at night. Still I managed to go to Amchit for a young and hip pool party, then to Dhour el Choueir for a charming baby shower; I had lunch in a 300 year-old typical Lebanese house 20 minutes away from Aley (I still don’t know how we got there. The road was so confusing) and calmed down with White Coffee and 2 impressive women…

So, as you can imagine I saw a lot of people, but what most got my attention this week-end was the difference in attitude of everyone I cam across and mainly the men. So I wondered how can a group of men all wearing a jeans, a shirt, converse or hogan look and feel so different… The attitude of course! But the beard can hide some little adorable secrets too…

Here they are…

The Full Beard

If the beard is solid, sharp and impeccable then the man is most probably extremely manly and full of charisma.

If with his beard he looks more like a caveman, he is trying to hide his shyness and laziness behind his big beard.

The Goatee

It depends on how it is done,but in general it is a mature style. Younger men with goatee are trying to prove something or impose an opinion. Older men think they have the right to wear the goatee because they just “have it”.

The Mustache

The mustache  is the most annoying part of the beards, it makes it harder to kiss ;). These man (with not too eccentric mustaches) are not afraid of challenges, and seek new horizons and new adventures. However if the mustache is too long, too colored or too designed, the man is probably looking to impress and has nothing more to show.

In any case, they have no shame and rarely feel threatened by anything.

The Overall Scruff or the Combo

If it isn’t the beginning of a beard, look at the overall look, he might be in it to charm girls and hide his childish look, or he might just be a cool spoiled daddy’s boy artist. In any case, he is probably charming and slightly over-confident.

Ladies, you will easily be under their spell…

The Sideburns

Men with sideburns are often trying to find themselves. They don’t know if they want the beard or not and are still lost somewhere along the way.

The Chinstrap

Personally, I very strongly dislike it and will not post a picture :)

He probably has a bad sense of time, debatable taste and might be perverse.

The Design- Beard

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