When I Look Back to 2012…

I found this picture on Facebook and liked it

Here are my 2012 resolutions and here is where I got:

  • I promise Chak’ that no matter what happens whenever he looks back I will be there – This will never change!
  • To all my readers, to Blog more often – Accomplished! And loved it
  • To exercise more – Check!
  • To go to Latin America – Didn’t get the chance to do it =(
  • I will sit for the GMAT – I hate sitting for exams
  • I promise to take at least one Big Risk – I did!
  • I will do my best to learn something new everyday – Almost accomplished!
  • I promise my marathon friend that we’ll go to Berlin together – Rescheduled for her Bachelorette =)
  • My cousin that I will revisit – Loved it =)
  • My parents, I promise them to always be their little girl and their biggest support – They did not need me! Ouf! Thank God ;)
  • Lebelik‘s designers, that they will see improvements every week – I hope they did!
  • Say “thank you” more often – I think I did
  • … – ……………….. and a thousand more ;)

My 2013 resolutions might not be shared =)

Happy New Year to Everyone reading this…

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