What Your Gym Cloths Say About You

Yesterday, and like every monday and thursday I had a date with 5 amazingly different ladies and a tough coach… The thing about having routines with the same people is that you end up being much more than sports-friends… You end up sharing travel tips, boyfriends’ birthdays gift ideas, dream jobs, stupid intimate stories and a million other weird stuff. You end-up knowing each other’s current and ideal weights, heights, jeans sizes, favourite dresses and travel schedules. But yesterday, and unlike the other mondays, we were in a little psychological mood… I thus walked back home wondering “What do my gym cloths say about me?” and here is what my little research showed…

People who wear neon at the gym:


These people usually like the attention and dress for the attention more than the gym… Chances are, they are the first to be tanned when the sun is still shy, they rarely go to the gym alone, and post pictures on the different social medias on their way to the gym.

Ladies who train with sports bras:


Usually only über fit and confident ladies will dare train with only a sports bra in a big gym… These ladies are often fun and light-hearted as well.

Those who wear shorts and t-shirts:

addidas short and t-shirt

They are usually regulars at the gym, they don’t believe in zumba classes, avoid pilates and prefer to run, play soccer or tennis… They will probably only swim after they hurt themselves.

Those who wear toning sneakers:


They are the lazy ones with big dreams! They are too lazy to work hard, but then again too ambitious to just sit there and do nothing… They are always on a diet, eat “light” chocolate, diet sodas and non-fried-fries.

Those who wear clothes with the name of the class on it:

zumba cloth

Wearing a pair of pants that says “zumba”, a “dance” short or a “run” sneakers says a lot about who the person is. They often are bad at multitasking and want to be the teacher’s favourite student. They probably stand in the front row during classes but are not able to properly follow the instructor.

Women with accessories around their wrist or on their heads:

They often are the naked ones in the locker rooms and the ones with the super big sports bags. They very often are women’s rights activities and have dreams of protecting all the animals of the planet. They could be interesting even though in many cases “tiring” is more the word.

Matching Pants and Sweatshirt:


Very often these ladies are efficient and their everyday attire is likely to be: jeans+ shirt + blazer. They like practical stuff and opt for a sporty chic look as often as possible.

Those who were everyday cloth to the gym:

It shows lack of commitment. Women who train in everyday clothes are most probably not committed to anything they do…

Ladies who train in yoga pants (even when they aren’t training for yoga):

Lululemon Womens Groove Style Fashionable Yoga Pants

They look for comfort. These women are most probably very homie, train because they have to and dress up accordingly because they are just too feminine not to do so.

I guess I am happy to be wearing a small mix of them all,


Sporty Soraya

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