What Your Earrings Say About You







I had my ears pierced when I was 16 and for me this day was a very important one… I was counting the days until I could remove the medical earrings and start wearing trendy ones.

A decade later, I still love wearing fun earrings and take absolutely pleasure in adapting them to my look… What does this all mean? And what do they represent?

I was doing my research when I realized that the earring you feel most comfortable wearing (or use the most often) are the one that represent you  best… I can’t know which one is mine, but will start noticing it more after this article… But for now, let me share with you some thoughts about this matter:

Women who wear Stud earrings are confident and self-reliant. They prefer elegance over fashion and take pride in their taste.

Hoops: These women are romantic and bubbly. They love life and people, and are drawn to new ideas and challenges even though they need to come back to their home and comfort zone.

Dangles:  Women who mostly wear dangles are outgoing and friendly. They speak their mind loudly and like to look feminine and attractive.

Chandelier and other large earrings: These women are always ready to go out and hang out with their friends. They are usually a lot of fun and love to appear fashionable.

Women who wear a lot of Huggies (earrings that hug the earlobe) are practical and clean cut. They are goal oriented and well put together.

I hope this post was interesting enough for you to remember to read between the lines when you meet new people but still easy enough for you not to think too long before choosing the pair you wish to wear.

Hoping you’ll have the earrings you wish for under the tree this Christmas season,


2 thoughts on “What Your Earrings Say About You

  1. Tres Chere Soraya, j’ai lu avec beaucoup de plaisir et d’attention ton article sur les boucles d’oreilles. J’ai aime, cependant je le trouve un peu incomplet. Tu as oublie de parler des personnes exquises et merveilleuses qui ont depose a cote de la cheminee les boucles d’oreilles dont on avait le plus envie.

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