What is in Trend this Summer?

Some say summer begins with Father’s Day, other believe it starts with the full bikini waxes and other just feel it’s summer because the sun is shining and people start to have a nicely tanned skin color that suits their summer cloths.  But whatever the reason a lot of women pass by this phase during which they don’t know what to wear. They wonder what will suit them this summer. What will be in trend and what will look “so last year”… So here is a little review of what is in trendy this summer… We’ve done our best to resume this summer’s fashion trends with a top 11 list…

1.       The pajama style cloth: To tell you the truth it is the one I like least this summer… But it’s super trendy and could look very nice on women with a sporty attitude, toned body and a feminine make-up.

2.       The 70s style: With high waist pants, printed materials, sophisticated looks, big sun glasses, lots of rings, high quality leather bags (like the ones found in Johnny Farah‘s collection on www.lebelik.com) and the punk style fashion  (check Nada Talhame‘s collection)

3.       The 80s leggings: An all time classic. Try to avoid the lycra ones. They do not always look nice on the butt.

4.       The wide pants: Ensure to wear high heels with them if the material is relatively thick.

5.       Minimized clutches: Keep your big handbags in your wardrobe for now since it is time for minimized clutches. Check Sunflowers and SAK’s clutches on www.lebelik.com. You will definitely find one to your taste.

6.       Black is always in trend: It is classy and saved us all in many situations.

7.       Attractive colors: Jessica certainly nailed it! Check her collection on www.lebelik.com. You will love her colors and designs.

8.       White is making a big impact as well: Especially white silky tops like the ones En Ville proposes on our website.

9.       Geometric shapes and stripe patterns: Math has never been by preferred focus at school… But starting today I will definitely give it a bigger focus.

10.   Lace, Lace and Lace: You will see Lace everywhere and in every color. Make sure to have a good eye in order not to fall in the vulgar while still remaining sexy and feminine.

11.   Jumpsuits: They have been in trend for quite a while now… But they are still the must have for this season. On Lebelik you find both the casual and chic ones.

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