What is in Trend this Autumn 2011

In the Middle East autumn starts fairly late and at some point I start hoping for a drop of rain or a little breeze to be able to wear my new jackets and scarves… So for all those of you currently getting ready for this autumn season, here are the latest trends proposed in the big cities fashion weeks…

Plunging Neckline: Not a typical thing to wear in autumn but still a very stylish one… Don’t forget to cover yourself with a nice scarf when you go out in order not to blame the designers later when you get a cold.

Pleats: Be woman enough not to wear your pleats as a girl.

Fur Clothing: An all time classic for the autumn and winter seasons.

Sheer Clothing:  Sheer materials when worn correctly add a sensual touch to a woman’s look.

Flared Pants:  After the skinny pants era we should have expected a new trend to come to the pants direction… and here it is… Flared jeans and pant are back in style.

Leather accessories: I personally, as well as many of my peers, colleagues, and experts have considered Johnny Farah as the Big Leather Expert… Check out this bracelet to have an idea on how to embed this style in your everyday look. (http://www.lebelik.com/products/Bracelet-Kleopatra.html )

Chokers and Cuff Bracelets: Chokers around the neck and cuffs around the wrist are worn to emphasize on your feminine character and extremities…

Check out Nada Zeineh’s different types of cuffs available on Lebelik: http://www.lebelik.com/products/Jonc-%252d-Thin.html or http://www.lebelik.com/products/Bracelet-Colchique-R.html

Prints, Patterns and Polka Dots: Play around with your dots and patterns for an elegant and sexy look.  Sophisticated paillettes and sheer circles will give every woman a classy look on their nights out.

Man Styles: This autumn season all trendy fun women will be borrowing from their man’s wardrobes some pinstripes, and adapt them to their black trousers and white shirt! Be the first to adopt this style amongst your peers! I personally like this style with super high heels; it gives this mixed feeling impression and gets man wondering what’s underneath this manly attire.

Fashionably yours,


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