Today When I Think of Paris and How to Read a Person by their Profile Pic

I am wondering how do the streets in Paris look like right now…

Abba’s song: “The winner takes it all” came to my mind several times today… Whether we talk about soccer, love, games or presidential elections.. It all goes back to the same idea: No one wants to be second best, or like some would call them the First Looser.

So for all those that feel they have lost something at some point here is another song to cheer you up, give you hope and mostly faith…=)  Too sexy

And for those of you that like me, ordered a decaf coffee but probably were served a not-decaf-coffee-at-all, here are some fun info about: How to read a person by their facebook profile picture? (It’s 3:00 am in my bed and I am still fully awake)

1. The Portrait: Showing the entire face and probably a big part of the upper body

You are probably normal, well-adjusted and confident, at times maybe boring too. If the photo is of you in your bathing suit, you are probably hot and insecure.

2. Far Away Picture: The person is too far away that you cannot see the person’s details

You are probably slightly shy and reserved until people get to know you.

3. The super close picture: In general the faces details cannot be seen

It is probably to hide an imperfection (acne, lazy eye, bad haircut). You probably still get teased and want to show a good impression of who you are.

4. The childhood picture

You could have looked better as a child, and maybe do not like change either. A lot of people in this category miss the past and believe that the best was greener and prettier than the present and the future.

5. The Pet Picture: Usually when the picture only shows the pet without the person

It depends on the animal but in many cases could be a sign of misplaced modesty.

6. the Wedding Photo

It is often used to show everyone you are a grown-up and would like to be treated as such.

7. The Party Picture

Today you are fun, crazy and might one day regret this picture; but today you are proud of it. You might be the type to be susceptible to peer pressure but for now you think that what you are and do is right. (I love it… Carpe Diem)

Kisses to you all social medias junkies,




2 thoughts on “Today When I Think of Paris and How to Read a Person by their Profile Pic

  1. Dear Soraya =)

    Sounds like all pics reveal something bad about the person – I’m missing the positive examples for profile pics. What about funny ones, for example?



    1. Haha, this is what I was thinking about when posting this… But I only mentioned the most used type of pics… and this is what my research showed… Still,I must say I only expect the most adorable and funny pics from you.
      I should have talked about these in greater detail
      Many kisses and I hope all is well on your end

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