To Better get to know Nada Zeineh

Very discreet and extremely artist, Nada Zeineh, originally an architect decided to launch her brand of Jewelry. It holds her name and is the representation of art, femininity, authenticity and creativity.

Women in Beirut and in the MENA region rush around to get a piece of her jewelry and her story. Each piece represents something special: a representation of an ethnic culture, a touch of orient or a sparkle she gathered somewhere along the way. Each item is so well thought of that once you go into her world, it is hard to get away from it.

To get to know better the woman behind this fabulous collection, read the article published in the ABC magazine:

The ring you can see here is from Nada Zeineh’s “floralies” collection, and the bracelet is one of my favorites: the twist bracelet.

Enjoy reading the article and browsing her collection on Lebelik,

Artistically yours,



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