The Day I Lost a Friend….

Yesterday I lost a friend… It’s horrible to say it, a bit more annoying to write it, and a thousand times much more difficult to live it…

Hi Philo (that is how I used to pick up the phone, with a childish tone and a happy smile),

You are so missed here… Everyone misses your kindness, fun jokes and crazy remarks… But a lot of us are angry at you, or with you should I say… Why did you keep us out of this? We were all willing to return the favor: to do our best to make you smile, to force you to laugh at our silly jokes and to share some little secrets that would have amused you… When people get married it’s usually “For Better or Worse”, why isn’t friendship a type of marriage Philippe?

But then again you are not like everybody else…. You’re proud, optimistic and discreet….

Yesterday I started reading our facebook conversations, and the last thing you wrote was: “Louisa, t la?” (here?) I wasn’t there and never answered back…

Philo, next time I go to Paris, I promise to have a glass of champagne at “Coq” with a smile, a “mhallabiya” with the perfect texture, and will stop by Tourville…

I wish I could back just one week to answer : “Always, Always…”

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