Tatiana Fares and Tiana’s Designs

Yesterday we had a photoshoot for the coming collections. We started our day with Tiana’s Designs! So I thought I’ll introduce you to Tatiana Fares, the women behind the amazing hats you might have already seen and behind the amazing cloth that will be on www.lebelik.com very soon.

Tatiana Fares founded Tiana’s Design after long years of studying, a double major BA in Child Psychology and Studio Arts, a master degree in Interior Design and after successfully completing her studies in the renowned in Fashion Design at the Marangoni Institute… Her designed are inspired by her childhood spent in Paris, her youth in Beirut and adult life in London as well as women’s bodies and their desire to feel comfortable while looking fashionable. She is currently working on her clothing line out of Beirut (Lebanon) and is everyday surprising us with innovative designs and stunning mix of colors…

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