Sweet, Young and Hip Photoshoot…

After a long day of photoshoot, I am happy to go back home and write to you…

Unfortunately it's the only picture I took today...
-while debating potential future house parties here-


What is so different about today’s shoot is that this session was for me… It is a charming asset to the website (Lebelik) but most importantly a pretty enjoyable souvenir for me since I discovered so many new things… FirstĀ  beautiful Laura’s amazing humor and sparkling Lula’s taste in food and restaurants surprised me… Then Jen’s attractive simplicity, Monica’sĀ  shy yet sexy look and Sandra’s 2 charming nieces ;) put a smile on my face.

But to tell you the truth the one that amazed me most today was Amine… Amine is the type of person I’ve always respected, often admired, and somtimes contradicted. I just never knew why, and today I still don’t… I think people call it “vibe”, “aura’ or “energy”… For me, he’s a mind reader and a very touching one… I love the way he knows how to put together a gorgeous look with mismatching items, the way he would pull-off a display window design in 2 hours or the way he would spot the mistakes in well thought of materials.

I will tell you more about the-not-common-face-at-all Laura, sparking Lula, eye-catching Jen, radiant Monica, alluring Sarah and surprising Liza and of course top Sandra as soon as I will get the pictures. That way it would be easier for you to imagine the story…

With a lot of appreciation to all the above mentioned as well as Fadi, Marianna, Nehmeh and of course Wadad,

PS: Santa-Fe is in the State of New Mexico in the USA :)

Heavy-eyed Soraya

2 thoughts on “Sweet, Young and Hip Photoshoot…

  1. thank you louise for the your nice words :) it was a lovely day and a pleasure working with you !! besitos y esperando el proximo!!

  2. i liked this pic so much,, looks like a nice team work in a familyy,.,, very natural and cozy.. also the words written emphasis the friendly and loving atmosphere

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