Skybar, Charity Dinner and Jessica….

Yesterday I went to a charity dinner with my mom, a classy friend, her adorable mother and a capable cheerful woman in Skybar in Beirut.

The night was a bit different that what we are used to there… A live band playing Jazz, a Soprano singing Neapolitan songs, speeches and a Tombola… It was different in so many ways but similar by it’s breeze, by the beautiful space and by it’s trendy Lebanese women always doing their best to look dazzling…

But last night in Skybar I spotted 3 women (on top of me) wearing “Jessica” … I feel so bad for not taking pictures of them, and me =( I have no picture of last night… But try to imagine 3 pretty tanned women in Skybar one with a “Jessica” shiny white jacket, one with the Carla Overall, another with a Jessica 19 pleats top. (I was wearing her Spanish top, and a woman I like very deeply said I looked like a Princess of Troy =) – I took it as a compliment and am maybe writing it with a bit of pride just because I love my top too much).

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