See How They Eat, Tell What They Are…

I love going out for lunch breaks… I think it’s a perfect way to cut the day in two, talk about the first part, fix the morning problems, share a yummy plate or discuss the afternoon plans; I therefore very often end up skipping diner or missing-out on sitting with those I love for a yummy evening meal… Still, I always love watching people ordering their food, and tasting it. I always thought that by watching people from the moment they sit on their chair to the moment they leave, we could tell a lot about who they are… Sometimes all it takes is a diner with a man to know whether or not  the relationship could work. It also takes a lunch to know that this potential business partner is definitely on the “no-no” list…

Here is what to keep in mind:


If someone makes you Soup, they definitely love you.

2. If someone orders in a restaurant everything complicated (with this, without that, etc…); Forget about them, they most probably are complicated in life too and are control freaks. They will want to control you and little details you love in your life.

3. If someone always insists on being the last one to order; they probably don’t how to take decisions on many level.

4. If someone is rude to the bartender, the waiter, the chef or the host, and if that someone is your boyfriend, break up as soon as possible, you’ll be happy you did it sooner rather than better.


If someone feels is an expert in wines, he’s probably a good lawyer and can tell the small differences and notice the interesting shades.

6. If someone feeds you when you are hangover, he/she definitely is a good friend.

7. If someone chews with their mouth open; they think that the rules don’t apply to them and are most probably pretentious.


If someone tries new food, they are fun and up for new experiences. Don’t let them go…

(Most of these info where taken from the Huffington post)

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