SARA MELKI Event in the Gathering April 2014

Some weeks ago my very good friend and amazingly talented designer (Sara Melki) proposed her new spring/summer collection to the pub in the trendy “Gathering” expo space…

Today I was supposed to film a small interview with her and waited to see her before I posted this, but since we rescheduled I couldn’t wait to share with you all the pretty things she designed and so finely produced to give to us pleasure for the eye and tenderness to the skin…

Her event took place a couple of weeks ago, and since I loved the collection so much I came the next day to take pictures that I am happily keeping…

Her Spring/Summer 2014 is inspired by her trip to Madagascar where she not only discovered the touristic side of it, but slept in local’s houses, walked in its rustic streets and climbed its mountains to enjoy breathtaking views and probably dream a little too =).

For this collection she used the pineapple as the emblematic figure of her inspiration… Last week she even was wearing a pineapple around her neck and I saw that her “whatsapp” name was followed by one too ! Must be quite an inspiration!! What a Pineapple!! =)

Sara Melki Event in April in the GatheringWhen entering the beautiful exposition room in the Gathering, this is what we first were confronted with… An old Lebanese house full of stylish Sara Melki designs.

IMG_5169The discreet Sara with the small souvenirs she got from Madagascar

Sara Melki My Favorite OutfitMy Favorite Outfit!

Sara Melki on the hangers pretty colors and materialsBeautiful Colors and Materials

Sara Melki Beautiful DressesSara Melki beautiful dresses

Sara Melki Souvenir From Madagascar for her EventSmall Souvenirs she got from Madagascar to embellish the already charming space

Sarah Melki Shorts and Pretty Materials in the Gathering EventBeautiful Shorts and coloursĀ 

Sara Melki From MadagascarSouvenir from Madagascar and her emblematic Pineapple

With a lot of love, friendship and proud,


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