How To Read A Woman By Her Bag

As I was cutting some interesting pieces from last march’s French ELLE magazine for my collage I remembered a book I had bought a while ago.

I think it’s interesting to know how to read people’s characters from what they do, wear, say or write.

Here is a little resume…

1. She always wears the same bag: Women who always wear the same bag usually tend not to believe in Love at first sight. Their decisions are concise and well thought of.

2. She loves wearing the IT bag: These women tend to like brands and highlight it. The bag here is not just an accessory but a way to construct one’s own public image. Trendy “in” women will wear the IT bag in a rare or flashy color.

3. She has the same signature bag in different colors: She needs a friend or simply someone to listen to her. These kinds of marks comfort her. We have the feeling she is having an emotional relationship with her bag. Still the fact that she enjoys changing the color of her signature bag reveals her sense of femininity and fashion.

4. She wears XXL bags: These women are independent. It’s sometimes also the option opted by those anguished who want to be ready for any unexpected situation. They sometimes even keep souvenirs in them. Notice how in many cases mothers have big bags to be able to take care of their children.

5. She plays it “No Bag” and wears jackets with zippers or holds her important items: These women enjoy their freedom and lightness, and not having to wear those helps them increase this feeling. They don’t mind being naked and have very few things to hide.

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