Rani Zakhem in AltaModa in Rome

My trip to Rome continues with this post about Rani Zakhem and his successful first Runway show in Rome during the AltaModa week… The walk to get there was absolutely fantastic, and needless to say the show as enchanting as this beautiful city and definitely full of charming surprises with floating dress, glittery materials, soft materials and many clapping hands and happy faces!

Rani Zakhem On our Way to his Show during AltaRomaWalking to the Complesso Monumentale Santo Spirito (where the show happened)

Rani on Our Way to the EventGetting closer to the venue

Rani Zakhem on our way to the Fashion ShowJust some random beautiful Roman art on the streets of Rome

Once we got there, the excitement of the press and the emotion of Rani’s family were both very visible! This is Rani’s first runaway show and everyone seemed very curious and impatient!

Rani Zakhem Right Before the ShowRight Before the Show stared

Here are some of my favourite dresses:

Rani Zakhem Evening Dress in AltaRoma

Rani Zakhem Evenign Dress in AltaModa Rome

Rani Zakhem in Rome

Rani Zakhem Evening Dresses

Rani Zakhem Red Dress in Rome

Rani Zakhem Show in Rome

Rani Zakhem Evening Dress View from the back

And finally the wedding dress! It was cute hearing people behind me saying “Bello! Bello!”

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