Prestige, Lebelik and Wishes for Christmas


Some weeks ago Louise (Lebelik’s co founder) was invited to a photoshoot organized by the famous Lebanese Magazine Prestige. Maria, Prestige‘s coordinator with a big smile asked her to pose naturally. So, when the great music started playing and after some chitchat and joking around, this is what came out =).

Note that here she is wearing a Jessica top, a KnittedĀ  blazer, Joanna Dahdah ring, a Nada Zeineh bracelet and Moonstone Bouboulina earrings.

The shoot was a lot of fun, and Maria the funnest editor/organizer/ coordinator.

Thank you Maria,


7 thoughts on “Prestige, Lebelik and Wishes for Christmas

  1. She looks a lot of fun… It must be fun working with Lebelik =)
    I’m a very regular reader and was disappointed when you took 2 weeks off.

  2. Thank yo Nayla! Your comment is adorable! Lebelik is actually very interesting.
    Tamar, I love that you are a regular and always feature Lebelik stuff =)… Always a pleasure to read your posts.

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