Meet “En Ville”

I had to beg Nayla Assaf for her to accept I write something about her…

So, let me tell you a bit about this discreet women that has everything to be proud of… Nayla had not started her career as a fashion designer but had worked in the consulting sector for a very long time after finishing her studies in London School of Economics, but it was soon after that she realized she was good at it but not passionate about it, so she pursued her studies in the prestigious Central St Martins in London. And in 2010 “En Ville” was launched!

“En Ville which is French for ‘in the city’, aims to create contemporary urban clothes for contemporary women with an active and versatile lifestyle”, says the brand owner and manager, Nayla Assaf. “Many women today just want to be able to slip a pair of high heels, after the office, and go partying,” said Assaf, “and our clothes allow them to do that while looking great”.

En Ville has become very popular among the fashion-conscious women of Beirut, precisely because it provides clothes that are chic, yet extremely easy to wear.

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