Lebelik’s One Year Anniversary…. The Amazing Surprise I Expected Least

So, first let me start by giving you a little background check: Lebelik has been online for a year now. Technically and officially it was online last year on the 20th of March, but we were still very discreet about it… Still some of our close friend remember that date as being one day before mother’s day… One of them, already congratulated saying: “Happy mother’s day” thinking Lebelik is still a baby… Yet, it has been growing thanks to you all… And I can’t tell you how much your support means to all of us…

Still last night was special… After I spent an amazing day trying to figure out some Lebelik stuff. I then saw a good friend who’s opinion I value a lot, went to sports, spent time with my cousin and came back home late…. And guess what I see in by room!!!! A gorgeous box, full of tender notes and Lebelik Biscuits!!!!!

I can’t begin to describe how seeing this made me feel… I was, and still am so touched… I felt the exact same feeling we use to have when we were 12 and a charming¬† young boy would write to us a Love Letter we’ve been waiting for! Except here, I wasn’t expecting anything! Anyway, how can I begin to expect such a great gift/box/love letter/ encouragement/ congratulation?!?!

By fear of repeating myself I will stop here, otherwise I would go on forever describing the face I had opening this, my reaction and a little sense of guilt that came through me last night….

To my Little Immense Friend… I love you and always will,

and to you all, we will still celebrate a one year anniversary (but on the day we “got out of the closet”), Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Lebelik’s One Year Anniversary…. The Amazing Surprise I Expected Least

    1. Congratulations Soraya!!!
      Such a great achievement.. Really proud of you!
      To many more birthdays!! ;) You’re the best xxxx

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