Nail It

In 3 days I’ve had my nails long, then short, painted in green, purple, with no color and white! Is it because I swim every day and the nail color gets off super fast? Because it’s summer? Or just because I felt like it? And what if it meant something?

Here are some brief results of my research:

  • The green color tells about you: “Hmm… She seems like someone exciting I would like to get to know”. I’m glad to have read this because green is one of the colors I like the most on nails.
  • Dark nail polish might hint you have a mysterious character with strength in it too.
  • Trendy colors will notify you are attracted by fashion and need to be “under the spo lights”. You might also change your nail color according to what people think or say and to the different seasons.
  • Women with French manicure are often not comfortable with themselves and enjoy opting for the safe choice. They will always look neat and proper.
  • Pale colors like pink or white will tell others that you are a traditional individual who appreciates European class.
  • Women who often wear Red nail color are self-assured and sometimes dramatic. They need attention, enjoy the spotlights and are usually confident.
  • Magenta on the nails, tells you are feminine and not flashy. You are lively and young at heart.

We should however keep in mind it is important to choose the nail color according to our mood, rather than our skin color, trend or according to what celebrities are wearing. Small things such as choosing your nail color, having a manicure or enjoying pretty feet could be enough to embellish our day.

Whitely yours,


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