Nada Talhame

This week I had Nada’s coffee in Nada Talhame’s modern and special shop. Hala, her sister, and I were discussing this year’s trends and Nada’s style while she was helping a friend find the perfect outfit for her party… Nada’s relationship with fashion started very long time ago. As a child she used to like shows and arts and would prepare outfits for her friends’ birthdays. The truth is she was predestined to excel in this sector, having grown with a painter (mother) and a father working with luxurious textile. And as time passed by, she studied architecture and fashion design, travelled the world, lived in Paris, worked with Chanel and came back to Lebanon, her home country, to establish her own line of cloth and design her sister’s wedding dress. She now focuses on designing haute-couture dresses for big occasions and on her prĂȘt-a-porter collection. She likes the “glamorous rock” style and enjoys working the knitted materials…. This talented designer has had many press releases, interviews and articles published in the most important magazines of the Middle East; but the one that caught my attention the most is the one published in “Au Feminin” magazine in February 2011. The picture here attached is the first page of her interview in it. I highly encourage you to read it carefully (I hope you’re friends with the French language).

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  1. I was wearing a dress from Nada two days before we started to date my husband and i…i was wearing it at a big dinner he hosted at his parents place…and i guess the dress brought me luck…or brought him luck…:)

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