My Random October Week-End Felt Like Christmas

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Christmas, apart from being a very important day for us christians, it also is a feeling! And this feeling I have been walking with for the past 3 days… It’s this feeling of love, appreciation of life and happiness… It’s about sharing food, enjoying the wine and having that one-too-many extra glass, about sharing secrets with the best friends, honest thoughts with new ones, big hopes with the dreamers and stupid laughs with those that can, like us, laugh at themselves…

I wish I were able to properly write why is it I am right now sitting and sharing my week-end when my to-do-list doesn’t fit on two post-its anymore… It is probably because this week-end, me and everyone around me, were all happy and I am doing my best to share this happiness.

These last few days, I received a baking pan from the cousin (I will try to use it tonight), a blow-dryer from the one I once thought I would never have anything to share with (and today I know which is her favorite wine, her secret dream and her shoe issues), a lucky ring from an amazing woman/friend/designer/person (let’s call her “amazing” during this post), an adorable cooking book from a brilliant photographer, a charming notebook where I will write all my sweet recipes and much more…

I have been offered my friend’s favorite bottle of wine, two long coffees (I barely drink coffee) that came with 4 hours of long discussions and again a glass of wine and much Love! I patiently chose two bathrobes for my friends, forgot to fix myself, left home in the mornings and didn’t come till after diner, happily sat in the same place from 7Pm to 1Am, and looked a bit ridiculous. Still, I think if I were to spend my week-end again, I would spend it the the exact same way

I’ve received love and I hope I gave some too…

Love Always,

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