Movies, Tears, Laughter, Anger and Me

I’ve been wanting to go to the movies for the past 2 weeks and it did not happen, so tomorrow I’m making it happen! And I will watch “friends with benefits” not that I believe in this concept, but I do believe the movie might be fun! And while thinking of it I thought to myself why is it that some people prefer one movie over another. People go looking for thrill… Is it to prove ourselves we can watch hilarious movies and still be serious, admire artistic indi movies while still strive to work in an investment bank in Canary Warf, watch romantic comedies but know that love is tougher and harder that it looks on the big screen, or even watch a scary movie knowing that death is our biggest fear.

So why is it that some people choose one movie or another?…

The thing is movies can affect our lives in so many powerful ways because they combine images, music, sound, dialogues, lighting and special effects. They help up reflect on our lives or the ones of people that surround us.

Funny Movies: ¬†Tired or stressed people tend to choose these movies. Even though it doesn’t solve anything, but for a while it helps them escape their problems.

And even if you’re already good, it might enhance your well-being. Laughter has never made anyone feel bad. Try to watch them frequently.

Movies that make us cry: It’s weird but we sometimes feel better after crying and especially in a dark theatre room.¬† Actually, researchers found two important neurotransmitters in tears: (sparking you the details) one that acts as a pain relief and one that reduces stress.

After harsh challenges or losses, we wish we could cry knowing it will help our emotional healing process but are unable to. Watching such a movie might only do us some good.

And men, women are more than normal if they cry watching a touching movie. Chances are they are more sensitive than other women. Don’t be scared just hold them tenderly. It will be a happy moment for both.

Hope and encouragement: People who have been going through negative time enjoy watching movies that start bad and end in a nice way to give them hope, a little push and encouragement to go further.

Action Film: (ex: Top Gun) Action movies usually have non-stop motion and adventurous with good-guy hero battling the bad guys.

Adventurous Films: (Jurassic Park) Are usually exciting stories, sometimes serializes films or historical spectacles. People who enjoy these movies like new experience and exotic locales.

I could go on hours writing about how people who enjoy drama movies are realistic ones, those who like science fiction films have a little charming part in them that is a bit geek, musicals are usually for those who like “feel good” movies and history or crime movies for the curious people; but I’m scared my article will be too long.

So please write to me to if you have any question or concern.

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