Manal Hakim, the discreet woman behind the trendy “Knitted”

“I work a lot on clean lines and impeccable cuts. I want the women, more than the item, to feel and look good” Manal Hakim

During the Christmas break I sat for a long time with Manal Hakim, we shared some ideas, thoughts and projects. We discussed fashion of course but also, her path, her aspirations, men, food, travelling and passions… I would like to share with you bits and pieces of the long talk I had with this passionate, amazing woman, and introduce to you the woman behind “Knitted”.

So, like many smart hard working Lebanese, Manal started her career in Investment Banking. Even though she did well, she was still not comfortable with this career choice; and later decided to follow a dream. She started a line for women. Women like her (working women, trendy, simple, on the go, mothers…). These women want something simple yet with a twist to wear during the day and later at night. She created “Knitted” and started designing knitted items, trendy blazers (like the one I’m wearing today) and easy to wear pants.

She focuses mainly on the line each of her item has and her cuts are impeccably designed for women’s bodies.

Manal Hakim has always been inspired by elegant women, and understands that each body deserves a different approach. This is why today in her collection you could always find a touch of “clean architecture” with a touch of feminine fluidity.

I was also a bit curious to know what her next step is… She timidly mentioned she is preparing a new line of skirts and shirts and promised me, you all on Lebelik and I, will get to see it very soon…

Neatly yours,


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