Lak Design is Now on Lebelik =)

Behind this beautiful face, many beautiful designs…

What impresses me most about this young designer, is that she is an entrepreneur and an artist… I’ve always find it interesting to meet people who can conciliate between both worlds and not get lost in between with useless details… Well, Karen Zaatari Sawan, is one of those people and I would like you to get to know her better.

She has always had an inclination for fashion, since she designed her prom dress at the age of 18 and then pursed her studies in the Lebanese American University and with distinction received her Bachelors degree in business administration. After having worked as an image consultant and after managing to pull off a complete and great re-branding campaign, she decided to focus again on what she loved: arts, imagination, women and fashion. Thus, LaK was born: a brand for fun and young women… She designs cloths for women that love to smile, that feel sensual in soft materials, elegant in slick cuts and  feminine at all times….

In 2008, she opened her owned store “Lak Design” in Beirut where she sold her self designed line of trendy cloths.. It got very good critics and very soon afterwards she was forced to move to a bigger location to better serve the impressed Lebanese elite… Today Label Queen is the shop she owns with her friend and partner Rasha Halabi. They widened the product offering and today you can find some items they carefully choose with love as well as a wide range of “LaK Design” and “Jessica” =).

Artistically yours,



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