Karine Tawil, the woman behind “Karoline Lang”

Today Karine Tawil is exposing some of her new shoes with summery colors in the rustic Lebanese charming Falamanki restaurant… But before going there, I would like you to better get to know Karine Tawil, the designer, owner and creator of Karoline Lang…

Lebelik:. We all wonder, why “Karoline Lang”?

Karine: Karoline Lang is the name of my great grandmother…The oldest person I knew in the family lineage …She represents the women of my family my greatest source of inspiration. Funny coincidence Lang means Tawil in German!

Lebelik 2. What inspires you most when designing your collection?

Karine: First the women’s body and shape. And second the emotion and attitude of the women wearing the garment I create.

Lebelik 3. Can you tell us about a little story that pushed you to study and later excel in the fashion industry? A little story that triggered all that?

Karine: My grandmother saw my passion for this field right a way. She is the one who encouraged me to express myself through clothes it is thanks to her that I created my first dress.

Lebelik: 4. I know you teach University courses “Fashion History”… Can you tell us a bit about this experience?

Karine: I’m passionate about history and more specifically about fashion history.

I like to think of fashion as a social cultural phenomenon a world that fascinates and attracts a large number of theorists anthroplogists economists philosophers psychologists… I enjoy¬† sharing this passion with my students.

With this, I will let you enjoy some of her collection and promise you I will update some more pictures very soon.

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