Joanna Dahdah: Young, Mature, Pretty and Pro

This picture is shot by Sandra Chidiac and published in Gala Magazine for the month of December 2010


The event all jewelers, jewelry lovers, professionals and students wait for every year is currently taking place: The London Jewelry Week started yesterday and will go on until the 11th of June 2011.

I think this event is a great one in many ways and I therefore encourage you to get a look at their website: and let me know what you most like about it.

For my part, I would like to focus on a very talented young designer: Joanna Dahdah. Young by age but ┬ámature by taste, Joanna has won last year’s Jewelry Week Competition and has been granted the “Best Designer of the Year” award. An achievement many jewelry designers desire and all fashion experts highly respect.

Yet it was of no surprise to me! A woman so talented and concentrated that gives each detail its proper attention cannot but be renowned in a very respectable way. Of course, the fact that she completed her studies in the famous Central St Martins and in GIA (Gemology Institute of America) helped develop her skills and taste. However it is out of her own genius mind that her Klimt Collection was launched; a collection the press adored, the client rushed to wear and the fashion experts admired.

She is currently in London presenting her new collection. Lucky Jewelry Week, they will get to see the collection first… I’ll keep you up with some updates on her newest collection and maybe, if I’m lucky, ┬ásome Jewelry Week gossips ;)

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