Jessica Khoueiri Achkar

This post is to you dear Yara… A post about fashion, femininity and a woman that has both in her blood… Jessica Khoueiri Achkar.

This young pretty talented designer is probably one of the most promising talents of the Middle East. She has divine taste and loves what she does. Her new collection will be very soon available on The exciting thing about her collection is that it is easy to wear, super feminine and of exquisite quality. You will love her lace clothing, her sexy colors and the ways in which each item is finely cut.  What I like most about her collection is that even though it follows this year’s trends, it also is very body conscious.

Stay tuned to get all the details about what she does and to be one of the first to shop her collection on Lebelik.


*The picture above was published in Gala Magazine in December 2010 and shot by Sandra Chidiac.

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