Jeans… My perfect fit

Jeans is the must have of every woman… It is therefore only wise to try out a thousand jeans before choosing the right one. It is however annoying to spend hours in fitting rooms and jumping from one store to another. I hence am giving you some tips from experience and magazines on how to astutely choose your jeans according to your style and body type…

For women with wide hips and thick thighs (pear shapes bodies), it is wrong to try to hide them with relaxed jeans. You should favor instead the ones flare at the bottom and ideally have the hemline go as low as the floor. If you have good abs, make sure to give them their importance with a low-rise jeans.

You will never hear me say it enough: High heels will embellish your look.

If you have short legs, to give the illusion of height you should choose skinny or straight-leg jeans.

Also, tall and thin women should prefer skinny jeans because they give some extra attention to these sexy hips and thighs of yours.

If your body is apple shaped, choose a pair of jeans with a waist that comes right in the middle. This way you won’t have the dreaded muffin-top effect as if you were wearing low-rise jeans.

For the petite women I recommend opting for boyfriend jeans. This pair of jeans made popular by Katie Holmes suits perfectly women with small figures but yet not short women (they will make them look even shorter).

Last but not least, please avoid getting attention by showing your thong or other sexy underwear… Only the lucky few should be allowed to enjoy this luxury.

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