It’s Funny How People Sleep at Night… what your pajamas says about you?

These are phrases I often hear: “I couldn’t sleep that night”, “I was so tired I fell asleep with my cloths on on the couch”,  “This story annoyed me so much I couldn’t sleep” or “How can you sleep like this?”

But we often disregard the part before going to bed: the part where we choose our pajamas…What does it really say about us?

 1. If  you’re a girl and wear baby dolls and/or nightgowns to bed, you most probably are full of yourself and looking good is one of your big priorities… You are sensitive and passionate.

2. If you’re a girl and sleep with nothing on, you’re independent, you love challenges and you have a hidden sexy and wild side in you.

3. If you’re a girl and wear thick pajamas, you are a loving and thoughtful person, you like to live outdoors and enjoy exciting activities.

4. If you’re a girl and wear whatever is available, you’re probably very easy to live. You’re fun and people love spending time with you.

5. If you’re a man, and wear pajamas, you hate stupid talks, enjoy hard work, love outdoor activities and are direct and honest.

6. If you are a man and sleep with shorts or boxers, you are a caring men. You’re good at remembering dates and noticing details.

7. If you’re a man and sleep with a t-shirt, you are cool and calm. You cannot be easily impressed by superficiality. You also have the energy at work.

8. If you’re a man and sleep with no pajamas on, you are fast, sharp, confident, impressive and goal-oriented.

Super tired and going to bed… I wonder how will I sleep tonight… :)


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