It’s All Disney’s Fault

PS: Please if you are not a big fan of Disney Movies disregard this post.

During this past week I’ve had long girly conversation with women I love, some I have just met and some I’ve always shared with dreams and secret stories… And I came to the conclusion: “It’s all Disney’s fault”

He is most likely responsible for most our dreams, half our problems and in my opinion also for all the little sparkles in our eyes in the morning and for all the amazing songs we love singing along with…

According to his world, the circle of life is perfectly balanced, every morning the towns wake up singing Bonjour, Bonjour, the women wait for their princes to come someday, the men live out of the bare necessities, thinking that life under the sea is the safest place on earth, and  just wondering what’s around the River bend… And for the first 20 years of our lives we believe in all that… But as we grow up we start remembering other parts of these same movies and prefer singing “I won’t say I’m in Love” rather than “A Whole New World”, we stop at I’ll make a Man out of you and smile every time we meet someone living in Cuzco

So for all those that like me have some Disney songs on their Ipods, I will encourage you to always wish upon a star hoping that with a little bit of luck, a happy thought and some magical dust you will be able to fly super high and get to your highest goals…

And for the one I enjoy the most singing with our favorite Disney songs, I hope you’ll always remember you’ll never have a friend like me, but always will have much more than a friend in me =)




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