I Met an Amazing Woman in February…

It always fascinated me to meet people who do out of their hobby and passion a job… And today 3 great women that do so were on my mind, I will present to you today: Yasmina Farah Massoud…

Born in 1979, she started her career as a lawyer, excelled in both Paris and Beirut and has always been fascinated by fashion, pretty materials, interesting texture and mostly about charming mixes. She actually once told me “There is harmony in contrast”. I think it’s out of this idea that she decided to shift careers and to launch “February” in 2010. After a tremendous success she opened her first boutique in Beirut in 2011. “February” is today the trendy address for women on the go seeking to find a touch of vintage feel in a modern piece, a glimpse of masculinity in their feminine look, a drop of classiness in sexiness, a feel of timelessness in what is trendy.

So to you women who can be simple and sophisticated, rock and classy, who can touch the soft texture in a hard material, that know the baroque style well enough to know it can be found in minimalism, and who know how to wear lace and leather, “February” is the brand for you…

I won’t go into details enumerating the qualities and contrasts in Yasmina’s collection, I will instead let you enjoy it starting tomorrow night…

With a floral and rock kiss,

I wish you all a good night,


2 thoughts on “I Met an Amazing Woman in February…

  1. Love the blog, Soraya… It’s refreshing to hear about your encounters and your travels and your very hectic life.

    Look forward to seeing the new collections!!

    A friend

    1. Your post is so adorable,

      It’s always nice to read posts like these from friends…. I love that you’re in my hectic life (as you call it)….


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