How to Read People by their Handshakes

“Nothing is ever random” is an expression I’ve heard several times… And it always kept me wondering… Should we let our intuitions guide us or on the contrary be conscious of every single movement or action we undertake? In general I’ve been in favor of the first statement while still being fully conscious of the negative consequences this attitude might sometimes have. But after reading several articles on handshakes, I realized it is not always the way to go. You’ll understand why at the end of my post.

Handshakes are those types of things you criticize if they’re bad, but don’t notice if they’re good.

We’ve been taught that a handshake should be with the right hand, should consist of a firm grip and a few forces up and down. Eye contact should be maintained and a small smile is often recommended. This “normal” handshake would tell about the person he is outgoing and agreeable (typically two good qualities to have). Still, not all handshakes are similar… Here is a resume of the main handshakes and their interpretation:

If the handshake is too strong, the other party will think you are trying to crush every bone in them.

If the handshake is too weak, it will give an impression of indifference.

Non-ending handshakes may tell the other person you do not want to let them go and are too happy to greet them. It may also convey an extremely nervous character. So, if you’re the type to handshake forever try working on it a bit.

A shake that uses the fingers only gives off a fear of intimacy and lack of honesty or concern.

Notice the position of the hand of the “shaker” in comparison to yours. If his hand is on top of yours with his palm down, it can show superiority (to his advantage) in this situation.

Sweaty hands give away a sentiment of anxiety or discomfort.

Dry ones show a feeling of confidence and comfort.

A two-handed shake is usually used when the relationship between both “shakers” is intimate. Otherwise, beware of the double fisted handshakes, they are often insincere.

So, put your best hand forward and remember some things are better not kept random.

Firm and warm greetings


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