How to Dress for Your Goals

This week-end a woman I work with, came to me and told me: “I never thought you would be like this! I only saw you in a work context. I never thought you would wear these cloth nor did I think we would be dancing like that together”. And it made me think… It’s true I only saw her in a work context before, but it’s also true she only saw be with the same type of cloth and the same style (before we bumped into each other in the same party on Saturday night). So I started researching on the matter and would like to share with you my thoughts…

We all have our comfort cloth, or last minute back-up dressing plan and our every day style. But sometimes, and in some situations we want to look different, give a distinct impression or use our physical appearance to get to a particular goal and her is how to do it…

To look more professional: It’s not just about meeting the “office-dress-code-sterotype”. It’s about going one step higher. So to look more professional than the day before you should just do one little extra effort so as to go from business casual to business appropriate, or from appropriate to corporate, or from corporate to stylishly ruling-the-world-corporate.

To look more trustworthy: Wear easy colors. Avoid the black and the pop colors. Beige, light blue, white or pink would perfectly do the trick.

To show more authority: Give more attention to details. Wear cufflinks, have impeccable nails and a blow-dry, wear make-up (not to strong not too light), be comfortable in big heels, wear a matching scarf. But please don’t over do it!!!

To look more creative: Black usually does the trick ;)

To give an impression of Independence: Have a trademark. Give yourself a bohemian, sporty, arty or chic look. Any look! But make sure you have one that you can embrace fully.

To look more friendly: First know you audience! Who are you trying to be friendly with? Try to always dress appropriately to the situation while still looking cool and approachable. Wearing a smile and happy colors (rainbow colors) is a good idea.

You want to look organized: To look organized it just takes some small details: have a tidy office and an organized desk. Keep your shoes polished, and you pants well ironed. Small details count.

Whatever you do always remember that a lot of people do judge a book by it’s cover so if you’re looking to give a certain impression remember to dress the part the part and the role will flow naturally. half the job would have been done!

And please never forget it’s only a impression you want to give to serve a certain goal! We like you like you are! So don’t play roles for too long. It would be sad.

Soraya in rainy Beirut

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