How I Met Stephanie Abou Jaoude, the Woman Behind Lala Rose

During a long Lebelik photo shoot with Sandra Chidiac I was going through the magazine of the feminine Lala Rose lingerie brand… I then thought Stephanie Abou Jaoude (founder and creator of Lala Rose) would be the type of super interesting woman that would have so many stories to tell about her successes, her relationship with the stars, the press, the big malls and all the glittery side of fashion… Surprisingly enough when I went to see her it was not her successes she talked about but her love for her brand, her family, and her life… She also talked a bit about the challenges she’s been through, gave me some tips and advices and showed me with love her collection in details…

And as I was walking through her office, I saw on the walls, pictures of famous models, magazines covers, and big articles about her creations… Stephanie said: “I create for modern and glamorous women who love and feel the essence of sensual lingerie”.

What surprised me the most was not her success but her simplicity… So here I am talking to you about a great woman, dedicated to amazing values, that designed one of the trendiest most wanted lingerie in the world…

Lala Rose’ first contract was signed with Galleries Lafayettes, followed by Printemps, Harvey Nichols and many more, and just recently with Lebelik.

I hope this collaboration will be beneficial for both Lebelik and Lala Rose,

With admiration,


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