Highlights of My Week

Down Town Beirut… On my way to Sophie’s Choice

There are two phrases I love: “How’s Everything?” and “All good” Because actually what really matters is “Are you happy in general?” No one cares, if your boyfriend has the flue, if your sales are skyrocketing, if you’ve been going regularly to the gym or if your parents are free of back problems. What really matters is how you wake up in the morning: Happy, confused, sad or hopeful…

And to tell you the truth I really hope we all will wake up every morning, happy enough to wake up with a smile, confused enough to make our brains work twice as hard, scared enough to want to give it our best and always hopeful that “Everything does and will happen for a reason”.

I love this picture. Theses sisters look like twins

Actually I started writing in this state of mind because my past week has been a very exciting one on so many different levels… I’ve been to Jessica K’s winter collection launch in Sophie’s Choice Boutique in Beirut, Spent a fun and blunt night with very close friends in Centrale (one of my favorite bars in Beirut), enjoyed good food and fun secrets.  Jessica K outfit

Pretty Girl and Pretty Top

Jessica K overall

See you soon,


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