Here’s to Pessimism, Baby Steps, Small Successes and Most Importantly Great People behind Smart Doubts…

I had a quite interesting day that started with a morning meeting with two fascinating Syrian sisters and continued with an enjoyable Catalan Spanish professor. I then shared Japanese entrees with two friends that for me look like an old charming married and divorced (971246 times) couple. I obviously was late for work today… Happily late…

But since I left this adorable pair of friends, I couldn’t stop thinking about the discussions we had, some character traits that always surprised me and the different ideologies we believe in… So, like everyone, I googled everything we talked about but mainly the differences between the pessimistic and the optimistic and the diverse directions in which one or the other evolves.

I then realized you need a pessimistic to see the missing stones in a scenario, and an optimistic to give him the power to still continue; a pessimistic to help avoid the worst and an optimistic to make him smile along the way.  The pessimistic will have a thousand plans to get to his goals; the optimistic might have a vague plan drawn on a piece of paper lost some months ago….

To you, my brilliant not-so-optimistic friend, I promise to do my best when it comes to undertaking any project and I also promise to always thank God for introducing me to you, because I know you will always see the holes before anybody else does and will do your best to avoid any crash…

But I also wish you will always remember that, whether half full or half empty, there is always room for some vodka in the glass ;)



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