Hassan Idriss spotted having lunch in Casablanca

Hassan Idriss blowing his 26th candle in Casablanca restaurant in Beirut.

The 22th of November is the day Lebanon got its Independence. Some see it as a great day, others as simply a day off, and some others as a glorious one. I was one of those who saw these 3 at the same time. But starting this year I will also remember it as a funny and crazy one.

A small group met for lunch in Casablanca restaurant in Beirut. Apart from the good food, none of us was expecting anything special out of this lunch.The group seemed so random at the beginning, but as time passed it felt like the 4 (then 5) crazy people were here to catch up on the time that passed, the secrets never told and the drinks never shared… But I won’t go into the details of the lunch, I’d rather draw your attention to the ring worn on the picture here above. It’s Joanna Dahdah‘s new collection. It is coming up soon to Lebelik. Also, the bracelet here shown is the new Nada Zeineh bracelet… Patience is a virtue! But don’t worry you won’t have to wait too long before it will be available on Lebelik. I just thought giving you a sneak preview on what’s coming will help you in chosing your christmas gifts.

Also, I would like to present you “My Hassan Idriss“. I say “My” because everybody knows him as a famous, high-end, upcoming great designer. I see in him a tender man, full of dreams, ambitions and hopes. It wasn’t for nothing that Alexander McQueen decided to work so closely with him. It is definitely thanks to his studies (Central St. Martins in London) and to his talent but I believe it is also because of his open-mind and stubbornness (I too wonder how these two comes together, but they do :)), and his generosity and hard work.

Hassan looking at the ring with an artistic eye.

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