From The Closet CLause: Madame Reve Made Me Reve

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November 19, 2012

Madame Rêve Made Me Reve

If you are an Instagram follower you have probably figured out my obsession with bracelets. Arm candies. Or simply put arm parties. I love the jingle jangle bangle cling clink noise of bracelets when they slam against another. I am probably also excited cause it’s Christmas too, I feel like I owe this to Santa.
The new additions to my arm party have been the reason behind my excitement lately. I have known Madame Rêve for some time now, but walking around ABC few days ago, I spotted this whole new line she has of particularly thin bracelets with ornaments in the center. It’s Christmas on my arm. Ta Da! Love at first sight and six of those just immediately landed on my arm.
What I particularly love is their vintage feel and the unlimited multitude of choices and colors. Arm Party Galore.
Check out their website or visit Lebelik to buy.

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