Friendly London

I’m in London now enrolling in a short course in Central Saint Martin’s. The classes star on Monday so today after registering my ID details with the school and after having burned a considerable amount of calories  in a Zumba class I decided to cook an apple crumble to share with my childhood friend who will be knocking at the door at anytime.  Meanwhile, the TV is on and Friends season 10 is showing…. And seeing Jennifer Aniston, I remembered to share a picture with you:


You might think: sexy and trendy, but what’s so special about that?! …The belt! It’s trendy and classy but yet has a peculiar aspect to it. It’s Johnny Farah’s belt. You can find it on .

Both these pictures show you how this belt will accessorize your whole outfit and will add style to your little black dress, your white silk top or any other simple outfit you might enjoy wearing.

Friendly yours,


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