Feeling Blue Today? Why Not a Bit of White?

Being stylish is partly about knowing what is in trend, partly about having an awesome style but also about feeling in-tune with what we are wearing, so here is a little tip list that will help you dress up according to your mood in order not only to look stylish but also to feel in harmony with yourself and comfortable in what you’re wearing…

Wearing White: It will help you reduce any irritating feelings of dissatisfaction. It is the color of new beginnings and cleanness. Try wearing white as often as you can, it will give your day a clean start.

Wearing Black: It can be depressive, stylish or discreet. But anyway, avoid black if you want to stand out in a crowd.

Green: This color represents spring and new beginnings. So wear this color every time you miss nature or when wanting to embark on a new experience.

Blue: It represents serenity and calmness. Wearing ocean blue is especially calming whereas darker blues offer more comfort.

Orange: It will enhance your energetic and creative side. It can also make you feel playful or sexually energetic.

Wearing Pink: Conveys femininity compassion and an open heart.

Purple: Wearing purple will show others you seek attention and do not want to blend in with the others.

Red: Red represents power, self assurance and high self esteem.  Keep in mind that people who often wear red might put people around them in an uncomfortable position.

Hoping rainbows won’t stop surrounding you,


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