Beirut and Falamank in Vogue

When Vogue decided to talk about Beirut, it’s Falamank and Johhny Farah they featured on their shopping recommendations! Why? Obviously, because they both represent part of Beirut’s pride, culture and refinement.












Falamank’s  “hayati” bracelet seen here is one I particularly like because it’s probably one of the words I hear the most everyday. and Johnny Farah‘s shop in Saifi is one I love going to; apart from the gorgeous designs and leather it has a particular smell I like.

I will let you enjoy both their collections and much more on Lebelik,

From Beirut ya hayati,


3 thoughts on “Beirut and Falamank in Vogue

  1. Its vogue uk??? ai moment mme hier ss descendue chez iga l’acheter…ms je n’ai pas trouve…viens de voir que c’est le uk edition…

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