Everything Will be Alright

Whether we like it or not the big majority of people believe they are on top of the world when all is doing well on these levels: professional, sentimental, religious, everything in relation to the family, their health, some important friends, their countries, it’s safety and how bright we see the next day and the years to come…
But the truth is when we think of our overall position we often tend to look at what’s missing instead of counting all our blessings… So why is it that sometimes we count backwards?
Some people say it is a way of improving and fixing the ugly parts, I think it’s ungrateful… We should always remember that “everything happens for a reason”, not necessarily for the reason we were hoping but for a valid reason we still ignore. So a lost boyfriend should mean a bad match, a broken deal will probably avoid later problems and a small health problem is here to lighten us up on everything that is beautiful around us and to remind us not to overlook the details, they count.

Always remember “no one ever said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it”. Therefore in whatever we do we ought to put all our hearts in it.

Everything will be alright…


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